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The Mosby Winery Advance Tasting Club is the perfect way to ensure you experience all of our new Cal-Italia releases and limited production wines. How does the club work? As our new releases become available, you will receive a bottle of each wine before it is offered to our retail accounts. Wines will be sent out up to four times a year. The prices include packaging and shipping. Out-of-state members will be responsible for their state sales tax, as required by law. You will also enjoy exclusive discounts on wine purchases:  Any order can contain a mixed selection of Mosby wines. Members receive a 25% discount on other tasting room merchandise such as marble coasters, t-shirts, and wine accessories. Club members are given priority reservation status for events at the Old Adobe.

White wine club will be up to four times a year.

Mixed and red wine club members will receive a specially selected vertical of Mosby wines every November.


3 Bottle Club: Mixed, Reds-only or Whites-only, 12% off any purchase and 20% off on cases. Includes two free tastings for members.

6 Bottle Club: Mixed, Reds-only or Whites-only, 12% off any purchase, 25% off on cases, 4 free tastings.

12 Bottle Club: Mixed, Reds-only or Whites-only, 12% off any purchase, 30% off on cases, 4 free tastings.



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Wine Club Membership

Please Choose, 3 Bottle Club Mixed, 3 Bottle Club Reds Only, 3 Bottle Club Whites Only, 6 Bottle Club Mixed, 6 Bottle Club Reds Only, 6 Bottle Club Whites Only, 12 Bottle Club Mixed, 12 Bottle Club Reds Only, 12 Bottle Club Whites Only


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