Want to experience the essence of Italy? Live the dream! The leading source of some of our favorite foods, Italy is also the source of truly wonderful wines.

Italy is a wine paradise and we capture that in each bottle of Mosby’s Italian varietal white wines.

We take into consideration different soils, topography, and environments creating the terroir that brings out the unique characteristics and flavors of each wine.

There are so many different Italian wine varietals, it could take a year abroad to sample them all. Fortunately at Mosby we’ve created a collection of Italian white varietal wines that are enjoyable and capture the spirit of Italy. Take a trip to Italy by checking out wines made from Cal-Italian, estate-grown grapes and made by traditional methods into award winning Mosby wines.

Below are some of the most enjoyable wines that were born of Italy and are now pampered at Mosby. These will be a highlight at your next party

5 White Wines Under $25 Each…

Stelline di Cortese

Made from our estate-grown Cortese grape, this sparkler is reminiscent of a dry Italian Prosecco. Fine bubbles, crisp citrus flavors and a soft yet bright mouth-feel make this an ideal breakfast refresher. An any-occasion bubbly wine, there is no need to wait for a wedding or graduation. Crack this on the patio for a “grazing” party complete with hummus, cheeses, smoked fish, and grilled pizzas.


100% estate-grown, fermented in stainless steel. Bright floral aromatics and a clean snappy finish. This is the Italian variation of the German Gewurztraminer, but completely dry.


100% estate grown: Fermented in stainless steel tanks. The Gavi wines of Italy…crisp and citrusy, perfect with any poultry or seafood.


Lovingly grown in Marche, Italy. Named after the fact that the wine displays a slight green tint, the citrus flavor and focused acidity of Verdicchio makes it a natural for seafood cuisine.

 Pinot Grigio

100% estate grown: Only Free-Run Juice. Fermented in stainless steel tanks… A classic Pinot Grigio with pear and green apple flavors with a bright finish.


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As you explore the Italian Red Wines that Mosby offers, you’ll enjoy a complete tour of the palate that is 100% rooted in Italian tradition. We are so excited for you to try and enjoy all of Mosby’s unique wines.


Dolcetto is a red wine grape from the Piedmont area in Italy. The Dolcetto grape ripens very early and results in wines with deep shades of red as well as light acidity. Dolcetto in Italian means “little sweet one”, a reference in Italy that it is easy to cultivate. The majority of Dolcetto wines are reasonably tannic and bone dry. Its noticable tannins are a substantial attribute of Dolcetto wine. Dolcetto wine is rich, rounded, soft and fruity. It almost constantly has a deep ruby and purple color and also intriguing aromatics of plum, blackberry, and spice. On the taste buds, Dolcetto has unique tastes of licorice and almond. Planted in the Mosby vinyards, it thrives in the clay/shale soil. For Dolcetto, the most significant challenge is maintaining shade to protect the fruit from sunburn. Excellent to drink by itself, it pairs well with braised meats. It is stunning when paired with duck, cornish game hens, and turkey. It also pairs equally well with a puttanesca or sausage pizza. Our 2012 vintage is a San Francisco Chronicle Gold Medal winner. The 2014 vintage received a Gold Medal at The Los Angeles International Tasting.
Teroldego is pronounced with an accent on the second vowel– teh-ROHL-deh-goh. There’s disagreement among those “in the know” about Teroldego’s origin story. The grape was documented in Northern Italy as far back as the 15th century. Regardless of the origin, Teroldego’s popularity is growing. There’s still very little Teroldego around and Mosby is one of the few wineries offering it. How to describe Teroldego? It was recently found to be related to peppery Syrah via genetic testing. The grape itself is darkly colored and generally firm with astringent tannins. It’s bright with balanced acidity… it won’t pucker your mouth. It’s more easy and graceful. The wine is perfectly paired with something like beef brisket, steak, cured meats, and dishes with earthy flavors such as roasted Winter vegetables, mushrooms, or potatoes. The 2013 vintage received Gold at the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition
Lagrein is an ancient grape variety that comes from the sunny regions of Trentino-Alto Adige in northcentral Italy. Its wines are strong and full-bodied with plum and also wild cherry overtones. It’s also known for its deep, dense color. It has a characteristically North-Italian fresh, acidic framework. It’s somewhat astringent and is most enjoyed with hearty foods. The grape is most likely from the community of Val Lagarina in Trentino. (It has been grown in this region for centuries.) DNA testing has actually suggested Teroldego as a likely parent of the Lagrein grape. Mosby’s Lagrein (called La Seduzione) is an off-the-beaten-path alternative to robust wines like Syrah. It is hearty and full-blown, with big and fruity flavors. It also has a surprising velvety finish. Our 2011 vintage is a Los Angeles International Silver award winner. Lagrein pairs well with braised meat such as pot roasts. It is amazing with mushrooms, truffles, fennel, and roast potatoes. Other possible pairing suggestions include pork chops, venison stew with dumplings, and strong hard cheeses like Peccorino or Parmigiano.


Mosby’s Montepulciano (” mon-ta-pull-channo”) is a medium-bodied imported wine from Italy. It is widely cultivated in central Italy and very food friendly.  Our Montepulciano is produced & bottled in Le Marche, Italy right by the Adriatic Sea. You’ll find that Mosby’s Montepulciano (called Ossessione) is deeply tinted, with aromas of cocoa, cherries, and hints of currant in its flavor profile. If you are looking for food pairing ideas, Montepulciano plays well with hefty foods from bolognese to lasagne. It also works well with meat ragus, braised meats like short ribs or lamb shanks, and cured meat plates. Whichever way you go, Montepulciano is sure to delight.
Sagrantino is a rare grape originating from Umbria in central Italy. Mosby Winery was the first to import the Sagrantino into the United States. The origin of the name Sagrantino is that it was used as sacramental wine. A thick skinned grape, it is rumored to have the highest concentration of anti-oxidants of any red grape. Sagrantino is known for its high acidity and tannin content. You’ll get blackberry as well as black cherry fruit tastes, with touches of smoky flavors. Classically coupled with meats: steak, lamb, and poultry. This wine also pairs with pungent hard Italian cheeses. Mosby’s 2011 Sagrantino won a Los Angeles International Gold Medal as well as the Best of Class at the Los Angeles International Wine Competition. It won a Silver Medal at the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition.
Nebbiolo takes its name from the Latin term for fog. The grape ripens in the late fall when the fog engulfs the vineyards of the Piedmont area of Italy. Referred to as the wine of kings, Nebbiolo is the undisputed ruler of big Italian red wines. The grape dates back to the 1200s and by the 1400s laws were passed to protect the Nebbiolo grape. Nebbiolo wines are typically light in color, which seemingly contradict the firm tannins in the finish. A dynamic, complex, and lively wine, Nebbiolo has dark red fruit flavors as well as fragrances of licorice, spices, flowers, and even tar. You want Nebbiolo if you’re looking for a powerful, weighty wine. Nebbiolo takes time to evolve. It could certainly make you pucker your lips. Its firm tannins make it noted for its ability to age.  Each sip reveals more about the wine. Smell it. Sip it. Smell it again. Mosby’s Nebbiolo pairs best with big flavors such as red meats or mushroom based dishes. Think osso bucco, prime rib, and truffles. In 2019 it received Gold at the Los Angeles International Wine Competition and Silver at the San Diego International Wine Competition.


Lucca is named after a picturesque village in Tuscany. This non-vintage, Sangiovese-based blend has a nose of dark berry and sweet brown spice. The flavor has classic elements of  red cherries with hints of forest floor and is supported by a firm, tannic finish. The wine was aged in older French oak barrels which preserves the bright fruit character and smooth finish. Open now . . . or hold. This is a perfect wine for everyday meals, and pairs very well with pastas in tomato sauces, veal dishes, poultry, beef, or pizza. Salut!
Sangiovese is one of Italy’s most renowned grapes. It is the foundation of many well-known Italian regionally named wines. They include Chianti, Brunello, and Montepulciano.  Produced in Chianti’s timeless style, Mosby’s Sangiovese is extra sophisticated. It has spicy tones and red cherry fruit flavors, with moderate tannins. It is truly delectable when paired with tomatoes, pastas, and tomato-based sauces. Mosby’s 2012 Sangiovese received Silver Medals at both the Los Angeles International and Pacific Rim International. The 2013 received Gold at both the Los Angeles International Wine Competition and the Orange County International Wine Competition.


A fortified dessert wine made from red raspberries. Jammy, raspberry fruit with a bright finish.
Dessert in a glass!