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Stelline di Erbaluce (imported from Piemonte, Italy)

erbaluceErbaluce (“dawning light”) is an ancient variety of grape whose origins are unknown but has been grown for centuries in the sub-Alpine hills of Piemonte. First written accounts of this grape are from 1606, at which time it was made into a sweet wine in the passito-style. Today one can still find that original style, but some producers (like Cieck) are fermenting it totally dry, which is our preference. This sparkling variation showcases the fine minerality, the fresh floral tones, and the buzzing acidity for which the grape is known. Ideal to pair with antipasti, fried appetizers, and killer with smoked trout.


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The Mosby Teroldego is a noble wine that introduces itself through a nose of almonds and flowers. The lush flavors of ripe raspberry and brown spice are followed by a smooth, lingering finish. Teroldego pairs especially well with beef, lamb, or game. Try a bottle with a grilled steak or butterflied leg of lamb. Served with family and friends, this wine turns a meal into a celebration.
The Rotaliano plain of northeastern Italy’s Trentino-Alto Adige region has been growing and producing Teroldego grapes for over 500 years. Mosby Winery is one of the few growers and producers of Teroldego in California.



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Traminer 2012

TraminerA bright, floral nose is followed by flavors which include lychee, citrus and pear. The finish is dry and clean like the traditional Traminers of Northern Italy. Excellent on its own as an aperitif, this wine pairs nicely with smoked meats, poultry or spicy Asian cuisine.


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Wine Club

wine clubThe Mosby Winery Advance Tasting Club is the perfect way to ensure you experience all of our new Cal-Italia releases and limited production wines. How does the club work? As our new releases become available, you will receive a bottle of each wine before it is offered to our retail accounts. Wines will be sent out up to four times a year. The prices include packaging and shipping. Out-of-state members will be responsible for their state sales tax, as required by law. You will also enjoy exclusive discounts on wine purchases:  Any order can contain a mixed selection of Mosby wines. Members receive a 25% discount on other tasting room merchandise such as marble coasters, t-shirts, and wine accessories. Club members are given priority reservation status for events at the Old Adobe.

3 Bottle Club: Mixed, Reds-only or Whites-only, 12% off any purchase and 22% off on cases. Includes two free tastings for members.

6 Bottle Club: Mixed, Reds-only or Whites-only, 12% off any purchase, 25% off on cases, 4 free tastings.

12 Bottle Club: Mixed, Reds-only or Whites-only, 12% off any purchase, 30% off on cases, 4 free tastings.

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